Voicemail Greetings


Whether it’s your personal or business plan – every little helps, including your own voicemail. People tend to underestimate voicemail greetings and that usually results in losing friends, contacts and at last – money. Only a little bit of tweaking and strategic thinking could help you increase your efficiency in personal and professional life.

Take a step back and take a few moments to think about it. Is it really necessary to lose contacts just because your voicemail greetings aren’t good enough to attract those who call you? If you want to make improvement regarding your voicemail greetings, then keep reading and I’m sure you will find great advices. And what is more important – you will find your weaknesses and improve them.
First of all, make sure to recite your message by using excited and warm voice. Try to be happy and laugh because that can be heard in your voice. I’m 100% sure that your warm and excited voicemail greetings will result in positive response from those who called you. Besides, they will think your happy and communicative person.

You have to make unique, creative and functional voicemail greetings. Why you ask? It’s simple. If you want to attract those who call you to stay and listen to your message and after that leave their message, your voicemail greetings must be original and unique. You want others to be interested in what you have to say at all cost. Another important thing, as I’ve already stated, is functionality. If you are expecting response, you must leave your personal details and contact number.

The whole point of having voicemail greetings is not to use automated voice saying your number, the point is to present yourself as a friendly person excitedly waiting for a phone call.
On the other hand, if you are leaving message on someone’s voicemail, there are several rules that should be followed.

Think before you speak. If you don’t know what to say, then you better don’t say anything! Try to prepare yourself. Recite loud your message before calling someone. Speak distinctly and clearly. Don’t speak too fast and make sure to leave your contact details twice, just in case something happens. Limit yourself to 60 seconds only. Also don’t send the same message more than once. It will sound unprofessional.

Those are all general advices regarding voicemail greetings. If you have anything to add feel free to contact me.

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